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All-Inclusive Retreats

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Finca Recreativa Arive

San Bernardo (Bagaces), COSTA RICA.


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"Pure infinite bliss is our joyful foundation."

Master Rebis


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The sound of birds chirping will wake up you every morning, and the sound of the wind will help you quiet your mind and reconnect with your soul. In just 7 days, you'll be able to gain a superior knoledge on your yoga practice as well as relax and detox your body and incorporate healthy habits to start a more conscious lifestyle. Let's stay open and receptive to connect with the present and create a beautiful journey the soul will enjoy. Divine Shakti Energy invites you to live a one-on-one program by joining a daily routine directly to restore your energy field from any unbalance. experience yoga, energy activations, and holistic therapies. Nature will help to connect you with your essence and feel the freedom of your being. Each day, you will find space to breathe, connect with your body-mind and soul, and have moments of silence for a deeper inner connection. Feel a healthy and conscious interaction with the environment in our holistic center and walk around the garden of medicinal plants, walkabout the mother nature-given land, a re-connect with your ancestors.

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Welcoming our guests



Language of instruction: 


English, French, Italian, Spanish

Skill level​:             


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master

What is included:       


  • Individual support
  • Group discussion meetings
  • Karmayoga, BhaktiYoga, Jnana Yoga
  • Energetic Bodyes Theory
  • Third Eye Activation & techniques
  • Teachings on different kinds of Yogas
  • Free access to swimming pools and lake
  • 3 yoga sessions por day
  • 7 Night accommodation
  • Mindfulness & different meditations lessons
  • Best traditional theory of yoga (Yogadarshanas)
  • Kirtan
  • Static meditation sessions
  • Mantra theory and practice
  • Yoga Mats
  • EXTRA: Included Food & Drinks  ( Snacks, Detox Smoothies or Juices ANDWater)

 extra payment:

Volcano tours
Waterfalls & Springs tours
National park tours
Horseback rides
Main meals at the restaurant

(food items are priced cheaply)


Age restrictions:

Minimum age​​

14 (Children are allowed as non-participating guests.)


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DAYS                       PRICE             DISCOUNT


One week                  $1400                   --------------------


Two weeks                $2500                 $300 DISCOUNT!!!


Three weeks             $3300                 $900 DISCOUNT!!!


Four weeks                $3800               $1800 DISCOUNT!!!



*(For each week that you book after the first one is a discount of $150 for each week. Maximum of 4 weeks.)

Deposit policy:

Percentage of the price required as a deposit: 50%

(That is the amount to inscribe yourself to the Program)


Cancellation Policy: 

Non-refundable upon payment


Remaining amount

The remaining 50% should be paid: On arrival





  • Morning wake up is around 5 a.m, to maintain the best solar rhythm.
  • 6 a.m. Meetup at the Restaurant of the Arive Resort Center.
  • From this moment on, a crew member will always be available to assist you.
  • We will meet you there with Detox Smoothies prepeared. We take a breath toghether there and we will set up for the day.
  • Afterwards around 6:30, a silent meditative walk through our sacred Lands to arrive in the place we will teach you about and practice the selected type of Yoga. 

    Each time before we begin our sacred Yoga practice (Sadhanah), we can decide different locations. For example, it can be at the resort, sometimes at our land in the jungle, or at our Garden, ot in other indoar spaces,

    (we will discuss this as a group for preference).

  • There will be three main Yoga sessions throught the day of about 2-3 hours each (including explanations and assistance, which in any case are freely given at all times.) The entire Day with us will be " 100% Yogic".

    Interspersed with breakfast break and lunch break. (Reference Our Routine Table of the Day).

  • The Masters and their team usually eat twice a day: breakfast in the early morning, and a meal in the early afternoon, or in any case before sunset. They don't eat after sunset. Following this type of Solar rhythm helps to always have more lucid dreams and to work in the internal worlds with oneironautics (Yoganidra).

  • All guided activities end at 6pm.

  • From 6 pm onwards it is possible to rest and have free time.

View our typical daily retreat schedule

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